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Finally End the Struggle with the Olympic Lifts

Training the Olympic lifts can be one of the most frustrating activities to take on. We learn that our body awareness isn’t as good as we thought. Coaches tell us we’re doing things that we don’t “feel” like we’re doing. And, the most frustrating of all is chasing a “symptom” vs. […]

Weightlifting Shoe Buyers Guide

Many CrossFit athletes have said the hybrid shoes just don’t hold up. So you see them switching into a traditional weightlifting shoe when it is time to train. Two favorites are below. I’ve reached out to a couple high level athletes who have used both shoes for their comments. I […]

Challenge Your Positions – Below the Knee!

In this video we review an exercise that stresses an athlete to hold their brace correctly and keep their back engaged. They’ll be loaded into the ground and able to drive first with their legs!!

This is perfect for.. New athletes who are having a hard time driving their legs off the floor, holding positions, understanding positions, or to add extra stress to the back to give an athlete a bit more work.

Releasing the HookGrip – Another Tip

The Most Recent Training

The Video of Holley Mangold Working During Training

Training – Hip and Shoulder and Hip Injuries

Three athletes come to us this week!! Natalia is an athlete who is battling to learn hip and shoulder rising together during a dynamic start… Link Conger is coming back from a hip injury that seems to be stemming from how he braces his midline.

Watch their movements so you can understand why we’re programming what will be seen in the future!!

Natalia Iannarino
Michael Saari
Link Conger