Start Up One on One Sessions

If you’re new to weightlifting or just new to us at Project Lift we’ll plug you into our Start Up, One-on-One Sessions (1 hour and 30 minutes each). There are 3 one-on-one sessions that allow us to break down the snatch, clean and jerk for you as an individual.

At the end of the start up one-on-one sessions you’ll be ready to either come in to Project Lift as a member and start addressing the unique issues you have with the Olympic Lifts in an effort to achieve your specific goals. Or, you’ll be off on your own with a strong understanding of the next steps you’ll need to take to be successful and a plan of action you can take on your own. It is up to you!

The Start Up One-on-One Sessions are scheduled based on your schedule and we can always work with you! Just know that you’ll receive the individual attention needed to understand these movements for you as an individual! From that you can build a plan of attack to use the Olympic Lifts in your goals as an athlete!

To setup your start up one-on-one sessions lets start with a conversation.

Please reach out!