Finally End the Struggle with the Olympic Lifts

Training the Olympic lifts can be one of the most frustrating activities to take on. We learn that our body awareness isn’t as good as we thought. Coaches tell us we’re doing things that we don’t “feel” like we’re doing. And, the most frustrating of all is chasing a “symptom” vs. fixing the “cause”.

Let me explain. 


I’ve always viewed the Olympic lifts like a jigsaw puzzle. One of the most important questions to ask is, “What piece can I put on the board first that will make the puzzle easier to solve?”

This first puzzle piece is our “cause” to the errors that are happening in the lift. So as an example… If you miss the lift forward that is a “symptom!” The bar being too close at the start of the lift is a common “cause” for missing the lift forward.

In the above example if we focused on pulling the bar back or not letting it go forward it would not help at all! The lift was already off from the start, which makes everything to follow more difficult!

We must strive to find the “cause” and not chase the “symptom!” The best way to do that is getting fresh eyes on you!

  • Time Spent vs. Payoff – Spending our training sessions chasing symptoms has little payoff and a ton of frustration. I’m not sure about you, but every second in training is time that could be spent somewhere else. Fresh eyes on you could make your time spent training much more rewarding!
  • Psychological Distancing – Sometimes we’re just too close to our current approach that we can’t see the errors. In business, you often see executive teams using psychological distancing to solve issues. Getting fresh eyes from another coach can help a lifter and their coach see an issue that is right in front of them.
  • Bigger numbers immediately available – Many times there is more in the “tank” right now. A new PR sitting there like low hanging fruit and this unseen issue is just enough resistance to keep you from it. If you feel you’re strong enough to be lifting more than you do in the Olympic lifts… you’re probably right. Fresh eyes can help you see the piece that is missing.

Getting one new cue that results in better movement will payoff over time as an athlete. Another step closer to the goals you have set. And best of all, getting clarity on what has been frustrating you.

Our next clinic is in Fort Wayne, Indiana on July 30th. Don’t miss the opportunity to have new eyes on you and leave with a plan to lift more!

As a bonus… Here is a free video. A common “cause” that makes it difficult for athletes to get under heavy weight in the snatch and clean. The Myth of Full Extension. If it makes you think then this seminar is for you!

I hope it helps. If you have an opportunity to get fresh eyes on you don’t miss it.

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