Competition Nutrition

Is your nutrition going into a competition designed to help you peak?


On competition day you have one goal… Do your best!

Hours of training, mental preparation and personal discipline have gone into your preparation. But, have you locked in the nutritional piece?

Remember, as you head into a weightlifting competition your program is getting you ready to peak, but often athletes set their nutrition up to restrict to make weight! 

When this is done incorrectly you’re leaving kilos off the bar and not tapping into your best performance when the day arrives.

To specifically help athletes with this issue we’ve designed the Competition Nutrition Prep package with Registered Dietitian, Alyssa Reau!

Now, back the hard work you put into the gym with the science of nutrition specific for YOU.

Not a “everyone template”…

Not a “set of guidelines”…

This is a nutrition program tuned into to you as an individual athlete.

What will you get?

  • You’ll meet with Alyssa one-on-one for a nutritional assessment. This meeting is where you’ll setup the specifics for your goal and unique situation. You’ll leave with a specific action plan that is set for you to peak.
  • You’ll also receive a follow up one-on-one meeting with Alyssa to review the results of the plan and make any last minute adjustments.

How much does it cost?

The full competition prep package is only $180.

How to sign up or get specific questions answered?

You can sign up or ask any question for the Competition Prep Package in the form below!

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