Are the Olympic lifts your enemy?

Many athletes are frustrated with the Olympic lifts and would love to improve them. However, they continue to go into the gym and do the same things expecting different results! You must understand where things are going wrong for you as an individual if you want to break through your […]

Competition Nutrition

Is your nutrition going into a competition designed to help you peak? On competition day you have one goal… Do your best! Hours of training, mental preparation and personal discipline have gone into your preparation. But, have you locked in the nutritional piece? Remember, as you head into a weightlifting […]

Finally End the Struggle with the Olympic Lifts

Training the Olympic lifts can be one of the most frustrating activities to take on. We learn that our body awareness isn’t as good as we thought. Coaches tell us we’re doing things that we don’t “feel” like we’re doing. And, the most frustrating of all is chasing a “symptom” vs. […]

What is Project Lift

Project Lift is built around your goals.

Want to learn the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk)? – Done!

Want to apply the Olympic lifts to your training for another sport? – Done!

Want to compete in Weightlifting? – Done

Want to train for fun!? – Yup, that is done too.

Our programs are built around your goals. We’re excited to share it with you!