Are the Olympic lifts your enemy?

Many athletes are frustrated with the Olympic lifts and would love to improve them. However, they continue to go into the gym and do the same things expecting different results!

You must understand where things are going wrong for you as an individual if you want to break through your plateau, hit bigger numbers and stay safe doing it.

Here I’m going to breakdown that process and show you an example of an everyday athlete improving their lifts in 6 days.


Where are things breaking down?

First we must understand some key positions when it comes to the Olympic lifts. At Project Lift we like to highlight 5 key areas.

1.    The Start Position

2.    Above the Knee Position

3.    Power Position

4.    The Drive/Turnover

5.    Receiving Position

If you’re out of position at any of these key areas you’re going to make the lift more difficult. You must understand what is causing you to be out of position.

·      Is it how you’re thinking about the position? Example: thinking you need to be in your heels at the start is going to cause you to miss out front – a lot.

·      Is it mobility? Example: If your hips are tight you won’t be able to transition well into the receiving position. You’ll always feel like it is “pushing you back.”

·      Have you just never had someone highlight these positions? Example: We don’t know what we don’t know. If these positions are new to you then there is big opportunity to immediately improve your Olympic lift!

A Project Lift Foundations Success Story

I want to tell you a story about a girl named Becky. Becky is an athlete who does CrossFit, who has tight ankles and who had never given the Olympic lifts a real focus to learn.

Once Becky gave herself the time to really focus on learning the Olympic lifts she PR’ed in her clean by 15 lbs.

When Becky first started CrossFit, she like every new athlete, was overwhelmed with all the movements to learn. But like every athlete as things started to slow down she quickly realized that there was more to the Olympic lifts. A friend encouraged her to come over to Project Lift and take our Foundations.

In the first 3 days we went through all the positions I mentioned above for each lift. Helping her understand where she currently was, how she was currently moving and helping her tune into where she needed to be.

Here is what she learned specifically…

  1. Her start position was off… the ankle mobility was contributing to this issue.
  2. Off the floor she was using the wrong muscles… this made her ALWAYS pull early.
  3. How to get the legs more involved when the bar reaches the hip.
  4. Getting under the bar.

She received exercises to open up her ankle mobility and homework to help her in develop the positions, timing and execution needed.

In the last 3 days Becky was drilled on the timing at the hip, drilled on transitioning under the bar and drilled on using her legs correctly.

Once Foundations is up every athlete has the opportunity to either continue working on these issues with us at Project Lift or to continue going after the key issues on their own. Becky decided to continued working on her own.

In just a 10 days she hit a 15 lbs PR in her clean!

Is Project Lift Foundations Only for Beginners?

Answer – NO!

The word “foundations” is often mis-interpreted.

Foundations are a set of classes for all athletes, at all levels.

A small group setting where we can breakdown the movement of each athlete and rebuild the areas that are holding them back based on the athlete individually. In 6 days you’ll understand where things are breaking down and what you need to do to correct that area.

You can then choose to work on these issues alone or you can continue to have Project Lift guide you in gaining strength, moving fast and moving safety.

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