A Debt of Gratitude – University Nationals Fundraiser

This past month, Project Lift held its second fundraiser for our athletes who qualified for USA Weightlifting University Nationals, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event successfully raised funds to help athletes, but we were not able to fully cover all expenses that we aim to cover. After the breakdown you’ll see we were very close!

Our goal is to improve with each of these fundraisers and we definitely learned some valuable lessons. We’re extremely grateful for those how contributed with time, money and donations. This article is to give full transparency into how these funds are distributed.

University National Team

The University Nationals Fundraiser Results –

The University National Fundraiser was planned as a “Competition and Rehab” day. We used our September Weightlifting League monthly competition, which charged an entry fee to competitors, organized a raffle and provided rehab services available for a deep discount.

Again, in addition to our Competition and Rehab Day, we held mini clinics put on by the University National athletes and Project Lift coaches. These mini clinics were held at CrossFit boxes in the area and the athletes shared the Olympic lifts, tips and cues for 2 hours. We charged $40 per person with a 20-person limit.

University National athlete Crysta Cirillo brought in the two clinics that participated in the fundraiser. The University National athletes all stepped up to help collect products and services for the raffle, and coach Tyler Schaeffer was able to acquire a donation of weightlifting shoes we sold to help raise funds.

Here is a breakdown of what came in throughout the efforts. Our Competition and Rehab Day went from Noon – 5pm on Sunday, September 11th, 2016.

·      Our mini clinics brought in $800

·      The Competition brought in $600

·      Day of Event Sales – $527

·      Weightlifting Shoe Sale – $1000


The expenses were zero, as we were able to reuse signage and did not have food. Project Lift covered other charges that the fundraiser was able to support last time around.

·      Card Processing/Online Processing fees – Project Lift Sponsored These Fee’s giving the fundraiser the gross amount.

The grand total after expenses – $2,927


The Use of Funds from the Fundraiser –

Here is how we dispensed the money collected during the fundraiser. Expenses are in order of priority.

Athlete expenses for the University National Championships:

–       Hotel – $860 – Covered

–       Rental Car and Gas – $150 – Covered

–       Airfare – Flights will be covered up to $400 for each athlete – Distributions of $315 to each eligible athlete

–       Entry Fees – Athlete entry fees of $75 per person, will be covered – Was Not Covered

–       Food – Athletes will be provided $30 per day for food – Was Not Covered

Athlete Support Expenses

–       Airfare for 2 coaches will be provided up to $400 for each coach – Distributions of $315 to each eligible coach

When we add all of those categories up we have a grand total being disbursed from Fundraiser – $2,900

Money remaining – $27

The remaining money will be placed into the Project Lift Foundation account for future fundraiser support and competition support.


The Future of the Project Lift Foundation –

Where do we go from here?

The American Open is coming up fast and we have a number of athletes set to go! We’re in the planning stages of having another fundraising event in late November/Early December. At this time we’ve discussed bringing back the “training and rehab” day from fundraiser one… which was a blast! But, we’re also looking to add in a remote team competition that can be done in any gym. We’re excited to improve on what has worked while experimenting with new opportunities.

In my last fundraiser breakdown, I mentioned very ambitious goals of the Project Lift Foundation supporting more than just weightlifting and more than just the athletes of Project Lift.

In 2017, we’ll take our first steps toward this sponsoring a number of youth athletes looking to enter a weightlifting competition. More details on how these athletes will apply for support will be released in 2017, but we’re very excited about being able to help the sport of weightlifting and athletes in general grow!

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