A Debt of Gratitude to the Community for a Successful Fundraiser

This past Sunday, Project Lift held its first fundraiser for our athletes who qualified for USA Weightlifting Senior Nationals, which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a huge success and with that success, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to share the details with everyone who supported us.

In this article we’re going to breakdown exactly what funds came in through the fundraiser and how they’ll be used. We’re also going to share our future plans with fundraisers and how we want to level up the support of athletes everywhere through the Project Lift Foundation.

National Fundraiser

The Nationals Fundraiser Results –

The National Fundraiser was planned as a “Training and Rehab” day. We charged an entry fee, organized a raffle and provided rehab services available for a deep discount. Also, during the event we grilled burgers, hot dogs and brats to provide plates of food for a small charge.

In addition to our Training and Rehab Day, we held mini clinics put on by the National athletes. These mini clinics were held at CrossFit boxes in the area and the athletes shared the Olympic lifts, tips and cues for 2 hours. We only charged $20 per person with a 20-person limit.

Olympian Holley Mangold led the charge in planning and execution of this event. Holley feels very strongly about providing for athletes, and she has had many fundraising experiences throughout her high school and college sports.

The other national athletes provided assistance based on Holley’s plan, and a number of our athletes who weren’t part of the benefiting national athletes participated in some of the legwork.

Through Holley’s lead, her and the team were able to get over $3,000 worth of goods for the raffle!!

Here is how it was executed. Our Training and Rehab Day went from 9am – 2pm on Sunday, April 24th, 2016.

·      Our mini clinics brought in $752

·      We pre-sold tickets online which brought in – $834.97

·      We pre-sold one raffle online which was the Hylete Backpack filled with O2, Caffeine and Kilos coffee and a Perchmount. This brought in – $268.56

·      Day of Sales – In this category we have day-of admission, day-of raffle tickets, day-of rehab services, and food sales. This brought in – $1793.45


There were a few small expenses that came from holding the fundraiser.

·      Art Supplies for Signs – $20

·      Facebook Advertising – $10

·      Ice – $8.98

·      Food, plates etc. – $130

·      Card Processing/Online Processing fees – $51.10

The grand total after expenses – $3,428.90


The Use of funds from the Fundraiser –

Here is how we will dispense the money collected during the fundraiser.

Athlete expenses for the National Championships:

–       Airfare – Flights will be covered up to $400 for each athlete

–       Hotel – Hotel rooms will be covered

–       Food – Athletes will be provided $30 per day for food

–       Entry Fees – Athlete entry fees of $75 per person, will be covered

Athlete Support Expenses

–       Airfare for 2 coaches will be provided up to $400 for each coach

When we add all of those categories up we have a grand total being disbursed from Fundraiser – $3,346.93

Money remaining – $81.97

The remaining money will be used in the official formation of the Foundation. This process will include submitting the legal paperwork, setting up the account processes and the formation of the bylaws.


The Future of the Project Lift Foundation –

Where do we go from here?

Our big ambitious goal would be to provide support to athletes of all sports. There is nothing more heart clenching to us as “pay to play” for high school sports. The thought that an athlete missing the life changing lessons a sport can provide is something we feel should be addressed.

Our goal is to create the Project Lift Foundation. A non-profit organization designed to provide athletes assistance; a “scholarship” for sports. Our first focus will be the weightlifting community, providing support for competition and training opportunities. It is the most near and dear to us, and can arguably be called the “Foundation of all sports.”

We plan to hold more events that provide a great environment, amazing opportunities, entertainment and fun in exchange for support. You’ll see another event in late August.

A step at a time we’ll aim at our big ambitious goal. We hope you’ll be a part of the journey. Thank you again to everyone who supported this last fundraiser. Our hope is that this post will provide complete transparency into how your support is being used and that you’ll join us again in the future.


Thank you from all of us!

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