Project Lift 3 Month Coaching Program:

A Three Months Guide to Teaching the Olympic Lifts to Athletes.
A Must if you teach the Olympic Lifts, and now you can join from anywhere in the world!

The Highlights of this Program

Project Lift 3 Month Coaching Program INcludes:

A Three Month Program designed to improve coaching the Olympic Lifts to new and advanced athletes. The program, lectures and lessons are completely accessible online!

  • A Detailed Program that will Speed Up Learning: 
    Each coach will receive a program that will guide them through the three month period. Coaches will be expected to apply this program to at least one athlete, but are welcome to apply it to multiple athletes. The lessons throughout the three months will sync with the program.
  • Lectures and Group Learning:
    Every other week you'll receive a lesson. These lessons will be about 1 hour in length. An online group question forum will allow you to ask questions and learn from other participants questions throughout the program.
  • Weekly Remote Review of Athletes and Progress:
    Often new coaches and athletes misinterpret weightlifting processes or cues. Reviewing this weekly will clear all of this confusion. This is where the true learning takes place! Each week you'll upload videos to Project Lift through a Coach's Eye team. We'll review it in detail just as if we were standing next to you.
  • World Class Guests will bring the Best Information to you:
    Guest lectures include:

    - 2012 Olympian Holley Mangold on the process of mindset in lifting big weight and competing on the big stage.

    - International lecturer Dr. Richard Ulm who is an expert in functional movement with athletes.

    - Blackbelt self defense instructor Aaron Jannetti who has successfully appied the Olympic lifts to athletes outside of the sport of weightlifting.
  • A Support Group to Provide Assistence Remotely to Have Your Questions Answered Quickly:
    Unanswered questions slow us down. Uncertainty makes us hesistate. We solve this by using an online group for all affiliate members to have access to answers quickly.

This program has limited availability due to the amount of accountability and how closely we work with you. Those who participate will improve dramatically in their ability applying the Olympic lifts to athletes in various programs and goals.

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